Preventable Trauma Deaths Registry

Road Traffic Crashes cause 1,270,000 deaths and between 20 and 50 million injuries each year worldwide. It most occurred among low- and middle-income countries. However, the number of casualties in traffic accidents in Iran is unacceptably high; the planning to improve the level of medical services can reduce it.

Unfortunately, not all traffic injuries can be treated. Currently, about 52% of deaths occur at the scene of the accident, 8% at the hospital, and 37% at the time of transfer to the hospital. The Ministry of Health and Medical Education is responsible for treating those injured who, with current medical facilities, could theoretically survive. Identifying this part of traffic crashes casualties is called “preventable death study” and is a method for continuous monitoring and promotion of medical services. Doing these series of study, while providing a tool for identifying the weaknesses of the health system and targeting to improve standards, will free the health system from unsupervised criticism. Considering the fact that some organizations involved in the Road Safety Commission hold the Ministry of Health and Medical Education responsible for the casualties of traffic injuries, the proposed study is intended to examine “MERGHAP” the traffic accidents in the country. It is important to determine what part of the casualties can be avoided among the injured and what the best way to avoid it is.